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How to use Qwick search shortcuts?

Team Qwant
Last update: 25/10/2016

Qwick allows you to get a direct research to many specific websites. By adding the symbol ‘&’ or ‘!’ followed by the name of your favorite website (e.g. Amazon), you immediately have access to the result. Optimize your research and save valuable time!

Examples of Qwick’s commands


&a books > Access the content of Amazon for books
&a music > Access the content of Amazon for music


&ta London > Get to TripAdvisor results for London
&ta Nice > Get to TripAdvisor results for Nice


Your favorite websites are not in the list?
Add them via the form.

List of compatible websites

Website Qwick Domain name
Qwant Qwick &qwick www.qwant.com
Wikipedia &wikipedia / &w www.wikipedia.org
Amazon &amazon / &a www.amazon.fr
Tripadvisor &tripadvisor / &ta www.tripadvisor.com
eBay &ebay / &e www.ebay.com
Leboncoin &leboncoin / &lbc www.leboncoin.fr
Twitter &twitter / &tw twitter.com
Facebook &facebook / &fb www.facebook.com
Allociné &allocine www.allocine.fr
Flickr &flickr / &f flickr.com
Spotify &spotify / &sp open.spotify.com
Fnac &fnac recherche.fnac.com
AliExpress FR &aliexpress / &aliex fr.aliexpress.com
Dofus France &dofus / &dfs www.dofus.com
Twenga &Twenga www.twenga.com
Google &google / &g www.google.com
01net &01net www.01net.com
17track &17track / &17t www.17track.net
2XMoinsChere &2xmoinscher / &2xmc www.2xmoinscher.com
Addic7ed &subtitles www.addic7ed.com
Addic7ed &addic7ed / &ad7 www.addic7ed.com
Agacante &agacante / &aga www.agacante.fr
Airbnb &airbnb www.airbnb.com
Alcanzia Energía España &alcanzia.es alcanzia.es
Alexa &alexa alexa.com
Alibaba &alibaba www.alibaba.com
AliExpress DE &aliexpress.de / &aliex.de de.aliexpress.com
AliExpress EN &aliexpress.en / &aliex.en en.aliexpress.com
AliExpress ES &aliexpress.es / &aliex.es es.aliexpress.com
AliExpress IT &aliexpress.it / &aliex.it it.aliexpress.com
AliExpress NL &aliexpress.nl / &aliex.nl nl.aliexpress.com
AliExpress PL &aliexpress.pl / &aliex.pl pl.aliexpress.com
AliExpress PT &aliexpress.pt / &aliex.pt pt.aliexpress.com
AliExpress RU &aliexpress.ru / &aliex.ru ru.aliexpress.com
Allcdcovers &allcd www.allcdcovers.com
Allmusic &allmusic www.allmusic.com
AlternativeTo &alto alternativeto.net
Alternativeto &alternativeto / &alt alternativeto.net
Amazon Australia &amazon.au / &a.au www.amazon.com.au
Amazon Canada &amazon.ca / &a.ca www.amazon.ca
Amazon China &amazon.cn / &a.cn www.amazon.cn
Amazon Deutschland &amazon.de / &a.de www.amazon.de
Amazon España &amazon.es / &a.es www.amazon.es
Amazon France &amazon.fr / &a.fr www.amazon.fr
Amazon India &amazon.in / &a.in www.amazon.in
Amazon Italia &amazon.it / &a.it www.amazon.it
Amazon Japan &amazon.jp / &a.jp www.amazon.jp
Amazon Mexico &amazon.mx / &a.mx www.amazon.mx
Amazon Portugal &amazon.br / &a.br www.amazon.com.br
Amazon UK &amazon.uk / &a.uk www.amazon.co.uk
Android developer &android developer.android.com
AniDB &anidb anidb.net
Animeka &animeka animeka.com
AOL &aol search.aol.com
APIDock &apidock apidock.com
Apple &apple www.apple.com
Apple developer &appledev / &ios developer.apple.com
Arch Linux AUR &archlinux / &aur aur.archlinux.org
Arch Linux Packages &archpack www.archlinux.org
ArchiExpo &aexp www.archiexpo.fr
Archive.org &archive / &ia archive.org
Archlinux &arch wiki.archlinux.org
Arduino Reference &arduinoref / &ardref www.arduino.cc
Arte TV FR &artetv www.arte.tv
ArXiv &arxiv arxiv.org
Ask &ask www.ask.com
Ask Ubuntu &askubu askubuntu.com
Auchan &auchan www.auchan.fr
Auchan Direct &auchandirect / &auchdi www.auchandirect.fr
AZ fonts &azfonts www.azfonts.net
Baidu &baidu www.baidu.com
Basket USA &busa www.basketusa.com
BBC &bbc www.bbc.co.uk
Beemp3 &bmp3 beemp3.com
Behance &behance www.behance.net
Bescherelle &besch www.bescherelle.com
BFMTV &bfmtv / &bfm www.bfmtv.com
Bing &b www.bing.com
Bing images &bi www.bing.com
Bing maps &bmaps / &bm www.bing.com
Bing news &bnews / &bn www.bing.com
Bing translator &bt www.bing.com
Bing Translator &bingtranslator / &bingt www.bing.com
Bing videos &bv www.bing.com
Binsearch &binsearch / &nzb www.binsearch.info
Biotysta &biotysta www.biotysta.com
Bitbucket &bitbucket / &bb bitbucket.org
Bitly &bitly bitly.com
Blackbox USA &blackbox www.blackbox.com
Blekko &blekko blekko.com
Blockchain &blockchain / &btc blockchain.info
Bower &bower bower.io
C# reference &csharp / &c# social.msdn.microsoft.com
C++ &cplusplus / &cpp www.cplusplus.com
C++ Reference &cppr en.cppreference.com
CakePHP 2.0 API &cake2 api20.cakephp.org
CakePHP API &cake api.cakephp.org
Can I Use &caniuse / &ciu caniuse.com
Cdiscount &cdiscount www.cdiscount.com
Clubic &clubic www.clubic.com
CNET &cnet / &c www.cnet.com
CNET Australia &cnet.au www.cnet.com
CNET China &cnet.cn www.cnetnews.com.cn
CNET Deutschland &cnet.de www.cnet.de
CNET France &cnetfrance.fr / &c.fr www.cnetfrance.fr
CNET UK &cnet.uk www.cnet.com
CNRTL France &cnrtl www.cnrtl.fr
Codecanyon &codecanyon codecanyon.net
Colissimo &colissimo www.colissimo.fr
CommeAuCinéma &commeaucinema / &cac www.commeaucinema.com
CPAN &cpan metacpan.org
CSS &css developer.mozilla.org
CSS tricks &ccst css-tricks.com
Dafont &dafont www.dafont.com
Dailymotion &dailymotion / &dm www.dailymotion.com
Daleya España &daleya.es www.daleya.com
DBLP &dblp dblp.uni-trier.de
Debian BTS &dbugs search.debian.org
Debian search &debian search.debian.org
Decathlon Deutschland &decathlon.de / &decat.de www.decathlon.de
Decathlon España &decathlon.es / &decat.es www.decathlon.es
Decathlon FR &decathlon / &decat www.decathlon.fr
Decathlon Italia &decathlon.it / &decat.it www.decathlon.it
Decathlon Nederland &decathlon.nl / &decat.nl www.decathlon.nl
Decathlon Polska &decathlon.pl / &decat.pl www.decathlon.pl
Decathlon Portugal &decathlon.pt / &decat.pt www.decathlon.pt
Decathlon UK &decathlon.co.uk / &decat.co.u www.decathlon.co.uk
Deezer &deezer www.deezer.com
Delicious &delicious del.icio.us
Delphi Basics &delphi www.delphibasics.co.uk
Deporvillage France &deporvillage / &dpv www.deporvillage.fr
Désencyclopédie &ds desencyclopedie.wikia.com
Desura &desura www.desura.com
Devdocs &devdocs devdocs.io
Developpez.com &developpez www.developpez.com
Deviantart &deviantart / &deva browse.deviantart.com
Dictionnaire Eléctronique des Synonymes &crisco / &des www.crisco.unicaen.fr
Digg &digg digg.com
Direct Industry &directindustry / &din www.directindustry.fr
Discogs &discogs www.discogs.com
DivxTotal &divx www.divxtotal.com
Django project Docs &django docs.djangoproject.com
dll files &dll-files / &dll www.dll-files.com
DMOZ &dmoz www.dmoz.org
DNS lookup &just-dnslookup / &dns www.just-dnslookup.com
Dofus Deutschland &dofus.de / &dfs.de www.dofus.com
Dofus España &dofus.es / &dfs.es www.dofus.com
Dofus Italia &dofus.it / &dfs.it www.dofus.com
Dofus Portugal &dofus.pt / &dfs.pt www.dofus.com
Dofus.com &dofus.en / &dfs.en www.dofus.com
Dogechain &dogechain dogechain.info
Dogpile &dogpile www.dogpile.com
Dokuwiki &dokuwiki / &dkw www.dokuwiki.org
Domain tools ping &ping dns-tools.domaintools.com
Domain tools traceroute &traceroute / &tracert www.domaintools.com
Domain tools Whois &whois whois.domaintools.com
Down For Every One Or Just Me &isdown / &down www.downforeveryoneorjustme.com
Dribbble &dribbble / &dbbb dribbble.com
Drupal &drupal drupal.org
DuckDuckGo &duckduckgo / &ddg duckduckgo.com
Dynacase Platform Documentation &anakeen / &dcp docs.anakeen.com
eBay Australia &ebay.au / &e.au www.ebay.com.au
eBay Bahasa Melayu &ebay.my / &e.my www.ebay.com.my
eBay Belgique &befr.befr / &e.befr www.befr.ebay.be
eBay Belgique/Flam &benl.benl / &e.benl www.benl.ebay.be
eBay Canada &ebay.ca / &e.ca www.ebay.ca
eBay China &ebay.cn / &e.cn www.ebay.cn
eBay Deutschland &ebay.de / &e.de www.ebay.de
eBay España &e.es www.ebay.es
eBay España &ebay.es / &e.es www.ebay.es
eBay France &ebay.fr / &e.fr www.ebay.fr
eBay Hong Kong &ebay.hk / &e.hk www.ebay.com.hk
eBay India &ebay.in / &e.in www.ebay.in
eBay Ireland &ebay.ie / &e.ie www.ebay.ie
eBay Italia &ebay.it / &e.it www.ebay.it
eBay Netherlands &ebay.nl / &e.nl www.ebay.nl
Ebay Österreich &ebay.at / &e.at www.ebay.at
eBay Philippins &ebay.ph / &e.ph www.ebay.ph
eBay Poland &ebay.pl / &e.pl www.ebay.pl
eBay Schweiz &ebay.ch / &e.ch www.ebay.ch
eBay Singapour &ebay.sg / &e.sg www.ebay.com.sg
eBay Thailand &ebay.th / &e.th www.ebay.co.th
eBay UK &ebay.uk / &e.uk www.ebay.co.uk
eBay Vietnam &ebay.vn / &e.vn www.ebay.vn
Ecosia &ecosia / &ec www.ecosia.org
Editus &editus www.editus.lu
Elasticsearch &elastic / &es www.elastic.co
Emuparadise &emuparadise / &rom www.emuparadise.org
Etsy &etsy www.etsy.com
Evernote &evernote www.evernote.com
Exalead &exalead www.exalead.com
Excite &excite / &exc msxml.excite.com
Explain xkcd &exkcd www.explainxkcd.com
Exploit DB &exploitdb www.exploit-db.com
Fasto &fasto www.fasto.com
Faz &faz www.faz.net
Fedex &fedex fedex.com
File extensions &fileext www.file-extensions.org
Final Fantasy XIV Database &xivdb fr.xivdb.com
Firefox addons &firefox addons.mozilla.org
Forum Magic Fantasy &magicfantasy magic-fantasy.org
france tv info &ftvi www.francetvinfo.fr
Freebase &freebase www.freebase.com
Galeries Lafayette &galerieslafayette / &gl www.galerieslafayette.com
Gamekult &gamekult www.gamekult.com
GamePedia &gamepedia / &gp www.gamepedia.com
GamerGen &gamergen www.gamergen.com
Gandi &gandi / &tld www.gandi.net
Geek junior &geekjunior / &gj www.geekjunior.fr
Génération NT &generation-nt / &gnt www.generation-nt.com
Genius &genius genius.com
Gentoo Wiki &gentoo wiki.gentoo.org
Giphy &giphy / &gif giphy.com
GitHub &github / &gh github.com
Goclecd &goclecd www.goclecd.fr
Golang &golang / &go golang.org
Google Arabia &google.ar / &g.ar www.google.com.ar
Google Australia &google.au / &g.au www.google.com.au
Google Austria &google.at / &g.at www.google.at
Google Belgique &google.be / &g.be www.google.be
Google Belgique/Flam &google.benl / &g.benl www.google.be
Google Belgique/Fr &google.befr / &g.befr www.google.be
Google Brasil &google.br / &g.br www.google.com.br
Google cache &cache webcache.googleusercontent.com
Google Canada &google.ca / &g.ca www.google.ca
Google Canada/En &google.caen / &g.caen www.google.ca
Google Canada/Fr &google.cafr / &g.cafr www.google.ca
Google Chile &google.cl / &g.cl www.google.cl
Google Deutschland &google.de / &g.de www.google.de
Google España &google.es / &g.es www.google.es
Google Espana Catalan &google.esca / &g.esca www.google.it
Google Espana/Gl &google.esgl / &g.esgl www.google.it
Google Euskadi &google.eseu / &g.eseu www.google.es
Google Finlande &google.fi / &g.fi www.google.fi
Google France &google.fr / &g.fr www.google.fr
Google Greece &google.gr / &g.gr www.google.gr
Google Images &gi www.google.com
Google Inbox &ginb inbox.google.com
Google India &google.in / &g.in www.google.co.in
Google Israël &google.il / &g.il www.google.co.il
Google Italia &google.it / &g.it www.google.it
Google Japan &google.jp / &g.jp www.google.co.jp
Google maps &gmap / &gm www.google.com
Google news &gnews / &gn news.google.com
Google Play &gplay play.google.com
Google Poland &google.pl / &g.pl www.google.pl
Google Portugal &google.pt / &g.pt www.google.pt
Google Russia &google.ru / &g.ru www.google.ru
Google Scholar &gsch scholar.google.fr
Google Singapour &google.sg / &g.sg www.google.com.sg
Google Suisse &google.ch / &g.ch www.google.ch
Google Suisse/De &google.chde / &g.chde www.google.ch
Google Suisse/En &google.chen / &g.chen www.google.ch
Google Suisse/Fr &google.chfr / &g.chfr www.google.ch
Google Suisse/It &google.chit / &g.chit www.google.ch
Google Suisse/Rm &google.chrm / &g.chrm www.google.ch
Google translate &translate / > translate.google.com
Google Turkey &google.tr / &g.tr www.google.com.tr
Google UK &google.uk / &g.uk www.google.co.uk
Google+ &gplus / &g+ plus.google.com
Here.com &here www.here.com
Huffingtonpost &huffingtonpost / &thp www.huffingtonpost.com
Hulbee &hulbee hulbee.com
Iconarchive &iconarchive www.iconarchive.com
iconfinder &icons www.iconfinder.com
Idealo France &idealo.fr www.idealo.fr
IGN &ign www.ign.com
IMDB &imdb www.imdb.com
Imgur &imgur imgur.com
indieDB &indiedb www.indiedb.com
Innorama France &innorama innorama.fr
Ipernity &ipernity www.ipernity.com
iPhoneAddict &iaddict iphoneaddict.fr
Is there any deal &anydeal isthereanydeal.com
IsoHunt &isohunt / &ish isohunt.to
Itch.io &itch itch.io
Ixquick &ixquick / &ix ixquick.com
iZSearch &izsearch / &izs izsearch.com
Jamendo &jamendo www.jamendo.com
JavaScript &javascript / &js developer.mozilla.org
Jeuxvideo.com &jeuxvideo.com / &jv www.jeuxvideo.com
Journal Du Geek &journaldugeek / &jdg www.journaldugeek.com
jQuery API &jquery api.jquery.com
jQuery mobile &jquerymobile / &jqm jquerymobile.com
jQuery UI &jqui jqueryui.com
Keepvid &keepvid keepvid.com
Kickass Torrents &kickass kickass.to
Knowyourmeme &meme knowyourmeme.com
Korben &korben / &kbn korben.info
KultureGeek &kulturegeek / &kg kulturegeek.fr
La chaine météo &meteo www.lachainemeteo.com
La Vie France &lavie www.lavie.fr
Larousse &larousse / &lar www.larousse.fr
Last.fm &lastfm / &lfm www.last.fm
Launchpad &launchpad / &lpad launchpad.net
LDLC &ldlc www.ldlc.com
Le Monde France &lemonde / &lm www.lemonde.fr
Le Soir &lesoir archives.lesoir.be
Lecdi &lecdi www.lecdi.net
Lefigaro France &lefigaro / &lefig recherche.lefigaro.fr
Legorafi &gorafi www.legorafi.fr
Leo France &leofr dict.leo.org
Leroymerlin &leroymerlin / &lrm www.leroymerlin.fr
Les Good News France &lesgoodnews / &lgn www.lesgoodnews.fr
Les Numériques &lnum www.lesnumeriques.com
LIDD &lidd www.lidd.fr
Lifehacker &lifehacker / &lh lifehacker.com
Lilabio &lilabio www.lilabio.com
Lilo &lilo search.lilo.org
Linguee English French &lingenfr / &li.enfr www.linguee.com
Linguee English German &lingende / &li.ende www.linguee.com
Linguee French English &lingfren / &li.fren www.linguee.com
Linguee French German &lingfrde / &li.frde www.linguee.com
Linguee German English &lingdeen / &li.deen www.linguee.com
Linguee German French &lingdefr / &li.defr www.linguee.com
Lipsum &lipsum www.lipsum.com
Local.ch &local tel.local.ch
Longurl &longurl longurl.org
Lukol &lukol www.lukol.com
Ma Mascotte &mascotte ma-mascotte.com
Mailcatch &mailcatch mailcatch.com
Mailinator &mailinator mailinator.com
Man &man man.cx
Mappy &mappy fr.mappy.com
MapQuest &mapquest / &mq www.mapquest.com
Marmiton &marmiton / &mm www.marmiton.org
Mascottes Animaux &mascottesanimaux mascottes-animaux.com
Mashable &mashable / &mash mashable.com
Materiel.net &materiel www.materiel.net
Maven Central Repository &mvn / &maven search.maven.org
md5db.net &md5db md5db.net
MEC Canada &mec www.mec.ca
MedicalExpo &mexpo www.medicalexpo.fr
Memidex &memidex www.memidex.com
Metacpan &metacpan metacpan.org
Metacritic &metacritic / &mc www.metacritic.com
Microsoft Answer &msanswer / &msa answers.microsoft.com
Microsoft Community µsoft.com / &msa.com answers.microsoft.com
Minecraft &minecraft www.minecraftwiki.net
Mojeek &mojeek www.mojeek.com
MongoDB &mongo docs.mongodb.org
Moo Tools &mootools mootools.net
Movie poster DB &mpdb www.movieposterdb.com
Mozilla Developer Network &mdn developer.mozilla.org
MS Community Deutschland µsoft.de / &msa.de answers.microsoft.com
Ms Community España µsoft.es / &msa.es answers.microsoft.com
Ms Community France µsoft.fr / &msa.fr answers.microsoft.com
Ms Community Italia µsoft.it / &msa.it answers.microsoft.com
Ms Community Nederland µsoft.nl / &msa.nl answers.microsoft.com
Ms Community Polska µsoft.pl / &msa.pl answers.microsoft.com
Ms Community Portugal µsoft.pt / &msa.pt answers.microsoft.com
Ms Community Россия µsoft.ru / &msa.ru answers.microsoft.com
Msdn Social &msdn social.msdn.microsoft.com
Musicbrainz &musicbrainz musicbrainz.org
My Anime List &myanimelist / &mal myanimelist.net
Name &name www.name.com
Name Cheap &namecheap / &nc www.namecheap.com
NauticExpo &nexpo www.nauticexpo.fr
Naver &naver search.naver.com
Netflix Movies &netflix / &nf movies.netflix.com
News-People France &newspeople / &newsp www.news-people.fr
Next INpact &nextinpact / &nxi www.nextinpact.com
NFB &nfb search.nfb.ca
NFL &nfl search.nfl.com
Nginx &nginx wiki.nginx.org
NHL &nhl www.nhl.com
NHS &nhs www.nhs.uk
Niice &niice niice.co
Node.js &node nodejs.org
Nokia maps &nokiamaps maps.nokia.com
Nord Litoral France &nordlittoral www.nordlittoral.fr
NPM.js &npmjs / &npm npmjs.org
Numerama &numerama www.numerama.com
NyaaTorrents &nyaa www.nyaa.se
Nytimes Query &nytimes / &nyt query.nytimes.com
Nzbindex &nzbi nzbindex.com
Nzbs &nzbs nzbs.org
Open Street Map &openstreetmap / &osm www.openstreetmap.org
Open Subtitles &opensub / &os www.opensubtitles.org
OpenClassrooms &opcr openclassrooms.com
Opera Addons &opera addons.opera.com
Oracle Java &java search.oracle.com
Oracle MySQL &mysql search.oracle.com
Oracle Search &oracle search.oracle.com
Oreilly Search &oreilly search.oreilly.com
Owni &owni owni.fr
P3rl &perl p3rl.org
Packagist &packagist / &pk packagist.org
Pages Jaunes France &pagesjaunes / &pj www.pagesjaunes.fr
Pandora &pandora www.pandora.com
Pastebin &pastebin pastebin.com
PHP &php php.net
PHP 2 Python &php2py www.php2python.com
PHP Pear &pear pear.php.net
PHP Pecl &pecl pecl.php.net
Pinterest &pinterest / &pin pinterest.com
Pirate Bay &piratebay / &pb pirateproxy.online
Place des Libraires &placedeslibraires / &pdl www.placedeslibraires.fr
Planète Casio &planetcasio / &pcasio www.planet-casio.com
Planète Geeks &planetegeeks / &pg www.planetegeeks.com
Poeme-France &poeme-france / &pf www.poeme-france.com
Poképédia France &pokepdia www.pokepedia.fr
Presse-citron &citron www.presse-citron.net
Priceminister &pminister / &pm www.priceminister.com
Python 3 Docs &python / &py docs.python.org
Qobuz &qobuz www.qobuz.com
Qrobe &qrobe qrobe.it
Qt Documentation 4.8 &qtdoc48 doc.qt.io
Quora &quora / &q www.quora.com
Qwant Blog &blog blog.qwant.com
Qwant images &images / &qi www.qwant.com
Qwant Junior &junior / &qj www.qwantjunior.com
Qwant Lite &lite / &ql lite.qwant.com
Qwant news &news / &qn www.qwant.com
Qwant Shopping &shopping / &qs www.qwant.com
Qwant Videos &videos / &qv www.qwant.com
Rapgenius &rapgenius / &rg rapgenius.com
Raspberrypi &raspberrypi / &rp www.raspberrypi.org
Rate Your Music &rateyourmusic / &rym rateyourmusic.com
Reddit &reddit / &r reddit.com
Redis &redis redis.io
Reta Vortaro &reta-vortaro / &rv www.reta-vortaro.de
Ricardo &ricardo www.ricardo.ch
Rottentomatoes &rottentomatoes / &roto www.rottentomatoes.com
Ruby &ruby www.ruby-doc.org
Ruby on Rails &rubyonrails / &ror api.rubyonrails.org
RueDuCommerce &rueducommerce / &rdc search.rueducommerce.fr
Rutube &rutube rutube.ru
Sap Community Network &sapscn scn.sap.com
Scala lang &scala docs.scala-lang.org
Scipy &scipy docs.scipy.org
Scribd &scribd www.scribd.com
Seamonkey addons &seamonkey addons.mozilla.org
Sedo &sedo sedo.com
Sens critique &senscritique www.senscritique.com
Sequencity &sequencity www.sequencity.com
Serverfault &serverfault serverfault.com
Service public &servicepublic www.service-public.fr
Shodan HQ &shodanhq www.shodanhq.com
Shopzilla &shopzilla www.shopzilla.com
Shutterstock &shutterstock www.shutterstock.com
Similar sites &similar www.similarsites.com
Site du Zero &siteduzero / &sdz openclassrooms.com
Skyrock &skyrock www.skyrock.com
Soget France &soget www.soget.fr
Soundcloud &soundcloud / &sc soundcloud.com
Source forge &sourceforge sourceforge.net
SPIP &spip www.spip.net
Sport Equipements &sport-equipements / &se www.sport-equipements.fr
Sqlite &sqlite www.sqlite.org
Stackexchange &stackexchange / &se stackexchange.com
Stackoverflow &stackoverflow / &so stackoverflow.com
Startpage &startpage / &stp startpage.com
Steam store &steam store.steampowered.com
SuperSoluce &supersoluce / &ss www.supersoluce.com
Superuser &superuser superuser.com
Swisscows &swisscows / &swi swisscows.ch
Symfony &symfony / &sf2 symfony.com
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TED &ted www.ted.com
Télérama France &telerama recherche.telerama.fr
The Central Repository &maven / &mvn search.maven.org
The Free Dictionary &thefreedictionary / &tfd www.thefreedictionary.com
The Free Dictionary España &freedictionary.es / &fd.es es.thefreedictionary.com
The movie DB &tmdb www.themoviedb.org
The Verge &verge www.theverge.com
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Torrent finder &torrent-finder torrent-finder.info
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Torrents &torrents torrents.fm
Torrentus &torrentus torrentus.to
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Tripadvisor Canada &tripadvisor.ca / &ta.ca www.tripadvisor.ca
Tripadvisor Česká &tripadvisor.cz / &ta.cz www.tripadvisor.cz
Tripadvisor Chile &tripadvisor.cl / &ta.cl www.tripadvisor.cl
Tripadvisor Colombia &tripadvisor.co / &ta.co www.tripadvisor.co
Tripadvisor Deutschland &tripadvisor.de / &ta.de www.tripadvisor.de
Tripadvisor España &tripadvisor.es / &ta.es www.tripadvisor.es
Tripadvisor France &tripadvisor.fr / &ta.fr www.tripadvisor.fr
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Tripadvisor Malaysia &tripadvisor.my / &ta.my www.tripadvisor.com.my
Tripadvisor México &tripadvisor.mx / &ta.mx www.tripadvisor.com.mx
Tripadvisor Nederland &tripadvisor.nl / &ta.nl www.tripadvisor.nl
Tripadvisor New Zealand &tripadvisor.nz / &ta.nz www.tripadvisor.co.nz
Tripadvisor Norge &tripadvisor.no / &ta.no no.tripadvisor.com
Tripadvisor Österreich &tripadvisor.at / &ta.at www.tripadvisor.at
Tripadvisor Perú &tripadvisor.pe / &ta.pe www.tripadvisor.com.pe
Tripadvisor Philippines &tripadvisor.ph / &ta.ph www.tripadvisor.com.ph
Tripadvisor Polska &tripadvisor.pl / &ta.pl pl.tripadvisor.com
Tripadvisor Singapore &tripadvisor.sg / &ta.sg www.tripadvisor.com.sg
Tripadvisor Slovensko &tripadvisor.sk / &ta.sk www.tripadvisor.sk
Tripadvisor South Africa &tripadvisor.za / &ta.za www.tripadvisor.co.za
Tripadvisor Suomi &tripadvisor.fi / &ta.fi www.tripadvisor.fi
Tripadvisor Sverige &tripadvisor.sv / &ta.sv www.tripadvisor.sv
Tripadvisor Türkiye &tripadvisor.tr / &ta.tr www.tripadvisor.com.tr
Tripadvisor UK &tripadvisor.uk / &ta.uk www.tripadvisor.co.uk
Tripadvisor Venezuela &tripadvisor.ve / &ta.ve www.tripadvisor.com.ve
Tripadvisor Việt Nam &tripadvisor.vn / &ta.vn www.tripadvisor.com.vn
Tripadvisor Ελλάδα &tripadvisor.gr / &ta.gr www.tripadvisor.com.gr
Tripadvisor Россия &tripadvisor.ru / &ta.ru www.tripadvisor.ru
Tripadvisor ישראל &tripadvisor.il / &ta.il www.tripadvisor.co.il
Tripadvisor مصر &tripadvisor.eg / &ta.eg www.tripadvisor.com.eg
Tripadvisor ไทย &tripadvisor.th / &ta.th th.tripadvisor.com
Tripadvisor 台灣 &tripadvisor.tw / &ta.tw www.tripadvisor.com.tw
Tripadvisor 대한민국 &tripadvisor.kr / &ta.kr www.tripadvisor.co.kr
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Twenga FR &twenga.fr www.twenga.fr
Twenga IT &twenga.it www.twenga.it
Twenga NL &twenga.nl www.twenga.nl
Twenga PL &twenga.pl www.twenga.pl
Twenga RU &twenga.ru www.twenga.ru
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Unity Asset store &unityast www.assetstore.unity3d.com
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ViaFerrata-FR &viafer www.viaferrata-fr.net
Viagogo &viagogo / &vgg www.viagogo.com
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Weatherbug &weather weather.weatherbug.com
Web Of Trust &mywot / &wot www.mywot.com
What is my ip address &whatismyipaddress / &ip whatismyipaddress.com
What; &what www.amp-what.com
Wikia &wikia www.wikia.com
Wikidata &wikidata / &wd www.wikidata.org
Wikileaks &wikileaks search.wikileaks.org
Wikipedia Breton &w.breton br.wikipedia.org
Wikipedia Català &w.catalan ca.wikipedia.org
Wikipedia Deutsch &wikipedia.de / &w.de de.wikipedia.org
Wikipedia Español &wikipedia.es / &w.es es.wikipedia.org
Wikipedia Esperanto &wikipedia.eo / &w.eo eo.wikipedia.org
Wikipedia Euskadi &wikipedia.eu / &w.eu eu.wikipedia.org
Wikipedia Farsi &wikipedia.fa / &w.fa fa.wikipedia.org
Wikipedia Finnish &wikipedia.fi / &w.fi fi.wikipedia.org
Wikipedia Français &wikipedia.fr / &w.fr fr.wikipedia.org
Wikipedia Hebrew &wikipedia.he / &w.he he.wikipedia.org
Wikipedia Hindi &wikipedia.hi / &w.hi hi.wikipedia.org
Wikipedia Hrvatska &wikipedia.hr / &w.hr hr.wikipedia.org
Wikipedia Hungarian &wikipedia.hu / &w.hu hu.wikipedia.org
Wikipedia íslenska &wikipedia.is / &w.is is.wikipedia.org
Wikipedia Italiano &wikipedia.it / &w.it it.wikipedia.org
Wikipedia Japanese &wikipedia.ja / &w.ja ja.wikipedia.org
Wikipedia Latin &wikipedia.la / &w.la la.wikipedia.org
Wikipedia Latvian &wikipedia.lv / &w.lv lv.wikipedia.org
Wikipedia Maltese &wikipedia.mt / &w.mt mt.wikipedia.org
Wikipedia Nederlandse &wikipedia.nl / &w.nl nl.wikipedia.org
Wikipedia Polska &wikipedia.pl / &w.pl pl.wikipedia.org
Wikipedia Português &wikipedia.pt / &w.pt pt.wikipedia.org
Wikipedia Română &wikipedia.ro / &w.ro ro.wikipedia.org
Wikipedia Russia &wikipedia.ru / &w.ru ru.wikipedia.org
Wikipedia Simple &wikipedia.s / &w.s simple.wikipedia.org
Wikipedia Slovenščina &wikipedia.sl / &w.sl sl.wikipedia.org
Wikipedia Slovenský &wikipedia.sk / &w.sk sk.wikipedia.org
Wikipedia Türk &wikipedia.tr / &w.tr tr.wikipedia.org
Wikipedia Zhōngguó &wikipedia.zh / &w.zh zh.wikipedia.org
Wiktionary &wiktionary / &wt en.wiktionary.org
Wiktionary Français &wiktionary.fr / &wt.fr fr.wiktionary.org
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WordReference &wrenfr / &wr www.wordreference.com
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Yacy Search &yacy search.yacy.net
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Yahoo images &yi images.search.yahoo.com
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Zeste de Savoir &zestedesavoir / &zds zestedesavoir.com
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