How to search with Qwant?

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Qwant offers a panoramic vision of the Web, by finding all available and relevant contents from as many sources as possible. When you enter keywords in the search field, you can see all the results from all the different sources gathered in the “Web” tab, which is open by default.

Other tabs allow to specify the type of content you are looking for:

  • Web: generic web search
  • News: search news sites with filters that allow you to sort results by date, relevancy, and sources
  • Images: search images with filters allowing to specify sizes or sources
  • Videos : search videos with filters allowing to sort results by date, relevancy and sources
  • Shopping : search for brands and products on many ecommerce sites
  • Maps : search a place, a restaurant or any location 
  • Social : search on social networks
  • Music : search for information about an artist or a band, listen to previews, find bios,…

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