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Qwant Junior is a search engine that’s specially adapted to kids aged 6 to 13 years. Offered free of charge, without commercial advertisements, and all while fully respecting the privacy of the child (no tracking, no history retained on our servers, etc.), Qwant Junior uses the power of the Qwant Search search engine, but automatically removes any results judged inappropriate for children. Thanks to its content analysis algorithms, as well as its blacklist of websites and content that is updated daily with education professionals, Qwant Junior hides results that can lead to pornography, extreme violence, hate speech, or even drug consumption.

Qwant Junior’s mission is educational, and as such it highlights content that has particular educational value, and shows results from websites geared towards a younger audience’s understanding in its “Education” section.

We recommend that parents also use parental control software. Qwant Junior is a search engine that ensures that the results that show up are age appropriate, but it can’t prevent the child from then going on to visit other websites.

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