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How does Qwant make money?

Team Qwant
Last update: 10/01/2017

Qwant is a free search engine open to anyone. Our main source of revenues comes from ads displayed on Qwant results page.
But we take pride of doing it while respecting both your privacy and your search experience of Qwant.
Qwant does not track people, and this is never going to change.
We believe you will possibly find commercials interesting when they are directly related to what you are searching.
Through their numerous formats, ads have too often taken over the use experience. On Qwant, you will never see intrusive ads that get in the way of what are looking for.
With such commitments, we hope to demonstrate that such responsible and respectful behavior is possible. We have been working for several month at identifying and designing solutions aligned with those principles. We believe we now have designed a simple and efficient offering by working with the Microsoft Bing ad network.
Therefore, every ad that Qwant displays fully adheres to the values we defend and our quality standards.
When you use Qwant, no personal information whatsoever is neither captured or transmitted to advertisers.
In details:

  • No third party cookies
  • No trackers
  • No behavioral targeting
  • No campaigns mixing legit and promotional content(native advertising)

We believe advertising can be a responsible business Model

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