How to report unlawful content?

Team Qwant

Unlawful content is content that is forbidden by law. For instance it includes contents that promote crimes against humanity, that incite or applaude terrorist actions, that incite hatred against people because of their race, their gender, their sexual preferences, or their disability. It also includes child pornography, contents that incite violence and harm human dignity, or contents that infringe on intellectual property rights.

Even when they shock us, immoral content or content that harm your interests will only be erased from search results if they are obviously illicit.

Moreover, Qwant is just a search engine. We can’t act against the content itself. If you find unlawful content on the Internet, you must report it first and foremost to the website you found it on, or then to its hosting company. The content will then be removed from the Web, and won’t be accessible via Qwant nor via any other search engine.

You can also report the most serious offenses to the police. They will open an investigation regarding the source of the content, which could lead to prosecution.

If you did all this but that it looks urgent to you that unlawful content be removed from Qwant results, you can report links that lead to illicit content by clicking the “Results” menu and “Report content“. Our legal team will review the notification and delete the result if it appears obvisouly illicit under the applicable law. Please ensure you fill the requested information so that the notification can be reviewed properly.

If you have to contact our legal team, you can send your reports to

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