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Last update: 01/02/2017


1. Homepage
2. Browser extension


Set Qwant as your homepage on Safari

Click on the “Safari” tab, and then on “Preferences.”
In the top menu, click on the “General” button (it looks like a power switch!).
In the “Homepage field”, enter the URL “https://www.qwant.com/” and close the window.
Qwant will open by default the next time you launch Safari.


Download Qwant extension

Click here to download the Qwant extension of Safari
With the Qwant extension, all of the web is accessible on one single page!
The Qwant extension compliments your search experience with added and more detailed information. It is also a shortcut to your favorite search engine.

Find the Qwant extension in your browser’s toolbar, to the left of the URL address bar. This shortcut enables you to quickly search with Qwant while also keeping your usual search engine.

Results from Qwant are sorted into categories (Web, News, Social, Images and Videos) to enrich your results with new suggestions, no matter what search engine you use.
With the Qwant extension, you can also perform searches from the address bar.


Why does Safari tells me that Qwant can access my data?

When you install Qwant for Safari, Apple’s browser may display a message that warns that Qwant for Safari can read, modify and transmit content, including “sensitive information like passwords, phone numbers and credit cards“. This sounds worrying but it is a standard security message from Apple, which is much scarier than necessary — although it is true  that you should always be wary of extensions you install, many of which try to invade your privacy.

As you can see, the message explicitly says that the Qwant for Safari extension can only access information from the Qwant.com domain, which is technically necessary for the extension’s operation. Qwant will never access your passwords, phone numbers or credit cards, nor any information from third party websites that you visit. Qwant never collects personal information, as is strongly stated in our privacy policy, which we encourage you to read.

This message is displayed because we have to detect if the extension is installed on your browser, so that we don’t uselessly offer to install it again. In order to do that, we have to see when you open Qwant.com, and slightly modify its content to remove the button that offers to install the extension. This is the one and only reason why this message is displayed.

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