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Install Qwant extension on Opera browser

The Qwant extension compliments your search experience with added and more detailed information. It is also a shortcut to your favorite search engine.

Installing the extension couldn’t be easier! Go to the Qwant page in Opera Add-ons to download it here.

Install Qwant

Once installed, you will find the Qwant extension on the right side of the address bar. This shortcut enables you to quickly search with Qwant while also keeping your usual search engine.

Results from Qwant are sorted into categories (Web, News, Social, Images and Videos) to enrich your results with new suggestions, no matter what search engine you use. You can also use the Qwant extension when you search from the address bar by typing the letter “Q” followed by your search query.

Set Qwant as your homepage on Opera browser

Click on the Opera Menu icon “Settings”. A new window will open

Click on “Manage search engines” under the “Search engines” section.

Then add “Qwant” in the “Search engine” field and a keyword of your choice in the “Keyword” field if necessary. 

Finally add in the field “URL with% s instead of the request” the following URL : “https://www.qwant.com/?l=fr%s“. All you have to do is now to click on the “Add” button.

Qwant will open by default the next time you launch Opera.

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