Qwant Lite: for old browsers

Team Qwant

The loading time of a web page and the ease of reading a piece of information are the most critical issues for a search engine. We wish to offer you the best possible experience by adapting to all configurations, even the oldest ones.

Qwant Lite was designed for Internet users who still use browsers that are incapable of interpreting current Web standards. This is sometimes the case in schools, companies, administrations, and some households. This minimalist declination of Qwant doesn’t use Javascript or CSS3, and does not offer all the wealth of Qwant Search. It doesn’t have a data storage system. Account connections and preferences are also absent. But it’s enough to search on the Web!

Qwant Lite is naturally based on Qwant engine, and fully integrates its founding values of respect for privacy and neutrality in search results.

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