How do I get Qwant News to refer to my website?

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Our technical recommendations so you can add your website to the Qwant News Stream.

In order to allow our user-agent to identify the sites and web pages that correspond to current news articles, your website must take into account the following recommendations:

1 – Your site must support RSS XML formats (sitemap-news, rss 2.0, atom, rss 1 / rdf) or use an external hosting platform.

2 – The URLs for your news categories must be fixed: if they change regularly, our bots will have a hard time exploring your content.

3 – Your articles’ URLs must be unique: only one URL per article. We detect duplicate content, and such websites will be demoted.

4 – Titles, descriptions and time stamps for the publication of your articles must adhere to the following guidelines in order for our crawler to easily identify them:

  • For titles and descriptions, we recommend opengraph metas (og: title, og: description). For the title, the H1 tag receives priority over meta opengraph.
  • The time stamp is created using the tags, DC.Date.Created, article:modified_time, article:published_time; no other date formats will be taken into account.

5 – The anchor text leading to your article should correspond to the title of your article and of the page.

6 – Ensure that your content is readily accessible: access to links must not be blocked by HTML header specifications, a robots.txt file or a meta tag.

7 – We do not interpret javascript. Our Qwantify-News crawler doesn’t follow links the way a web crawler does: it goes to the page indicated in the RSS feed, retrieves its contents and extracts the (title, description, body) items.

8 – If your site is available in multiple languages, you have two options: either one RSS feed per language, or a single RSS feed that specifies the language parameter for each language.

Sitemap-news example:


<news:name>Sample Journal</news:name>



9 – Beware of encoding issues caused by the difference between the encoding of the server and the encoding specified on the (charset) page. For example, ensure your site doesn’t specify an ISO-8859 encoding in its <html> while emitting CP-1252 (Windows IIS server).

10 – You can include multimedia content such as YouTube, Dailymotion or Vimeo videos. However, we do not handle audio content.

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