Where does the data used by Maps come from?

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Qwant Maps uses several data sources to search for places and addresses. 

This list is not contractual and may be updated. 

OpenStreetMap (OSM)

OpenStreetMap is an open and collaborative map of the world. It is improved every day by more than one million contributors.

OpenStreetMap is the main source of data for Qwant Maps. We use it for example to retrieve the following information:

  • Geographic data: roads, rivers, forests, etc.
  • Addresses 
  • Points of interest (POI): restaurants, bars, medical offices, schools, etc.



OpenAdresses is a global, open and collaborative address database. 

Like OSM, it is improved everyday by many contributors.



PagesJaunes (YellowPages) is a French directory service. PagesJaunes offers an important source of data composed mainly of commercial locations. 

This source allows one to complete the data of Qwant Maps France for places such as restaurants, bars, stores, supermarkets, … 

These data are identifiable on Qwant Maps thanks to the mention “In partnership with PagesJaunes”. 

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