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Last update: 24/03/2021

How does Qwant guarantee my data’s confidentiality with Taboola?

Taboola and Qwant have worked together to develop a cookie-free technical solution that allows Qwant to display sponsored news from Taboola without transferring any personal data. When you visit a Qwant page with Taboola sponsored news, Qwant generates a completely random key that changes each time the page is (re)loaded. This random number, which cannot be linked to personal data, is shared with Taboola to let them recommend content through their platform.

At no time does Taboola have access to the user’s IP address or User Agent when they view a link to a sponsored news item on the Qwant pages. If you click on a Taboola link, Taboola’s privacy policy will apply once you exit Qwant.

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