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Last update: 10/05/2019

Am I tracked when using Qwant Causes?

Qwant always respects your privacy and therefore does not collect your personal data when you activate Qwant Causes. Our privacy policy applies to all Qwant products. So, when Qwant Causes is enabled, we do not remember the searches you do or the ads you clicked on. Only the number of searches is recorded, this is called the “QOZ” number that is displayed on your user interface. This number is stored in the storage room of your web browser. It is also associated with your Qwant account. This way, once you are logged into your account, you can track the increase of your “QOZ” from different devices if you wish. If you delete the storage room of one of your devices, the counter of this one will be reset to zero but don’t worry, your previously generated QOZ will be given.


Why is my Qwant QOZ count back to zero?

In order to respect your privacy, Qwant does not recover the number of QOZs you generate when you use Qwant Causes, unless you are logged in with a Qwant account. The number of QOZs you generate is recorded locally on your device. The number can be reset to zero if the local storage of your web browser is deleted. Don’t worry, Qwant gives each QOZ that is generated, even if we don’t know who generated them.

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