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Why create a Qwant account?

Team Qwant
Last update: 13/03/2017

You don’t need to create an account and log in to use Qwant. We offer this option because it can give you several helpful advantages.

First of all, you can save your preferences which are reloaded upon logging in. You can, for example, choose what you want to see on your homepage, choose which options to activate or which adult content filter level you wish to apply. These adjustments are reestablished upon logging in via “local storage”.

Creating a Qwant account also gives you the ability to save your “bookmarks”, that is, websites you want to have on your homepage so that they’re easily accessible.

Similarly, a Qwant account will allow you to manage your boards , which you can choose to set as public or keep private, and to add or edit personal notes.

Upon creating a Qwant account, we collect the minimum amount of information needed to gain access to all our services through the practice of “Data minimization”. This is part of our commitment to respect your privacy. The fact that you’re logged in to Qwant doesn’t change the fact that we do not collect personal information related to your searches

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