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Create a board or note

Team Qwant
Last update: 13/03/2017

To create a board or note, you need to be first and foremost logged in to your Qwant account. Once logged in, you can post a note or create a board by clicking on “my boards” on the left-hand menu bar. Choose “Create a public board” if you wish to share your notes with other users, or “Create a private board” if you wish to keep your work to yourself.

You also have the ability to add a note onto a new board directly from the search results by clicking on the first image seen on the point-form menu to the right of the results. A window pops up to confirm the creation of your note. You also have the possibility of choosing a previously existing board or creating a new one for your note. By using advanced options, Qwant gives you the ability to choose an image, modify content or choose a title.

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