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How can I edit or delete a note or a board?

Team Qwant
Last update: 13/03/2017

To edit the title, the description, or the category of a board, go to “My Space”, accessible from the left sidebar. Click on “Edit board”, or once the board open, click on the green button “Edit”. An editing pane will open to the right of the screen. It also allows you to edit the permission to post comments, or to make your board public or private. Here, you also have the possibility to delete a board by clicking on “Delete this board” at the bottom of the editing pane.

To edit or delete a note, simply open the board in which the note you want to edit is, and click on the edit icon at the top right of the note. You can set the note as the board cover, copy it in one of your boards, delete it, or edit it.

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