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Qwant Junior is the first search engine in the world to be secure and devoted to children ages 6 through 12. The internet is a superb resource for children to discover educational and pedagogical content and also have fun. But not everything online is for children’s eyes, and you don’t always have time to supervise everything: that’s why Qwant Junior provides added security and hides inappropriate results such as violence, pornography, drug consumption, and hate speech. Thanks to a control system that respects the privacy of children, Qwant Junior’s browser prevents young users from accessing detrimental websites that have been identified by Qwant Junior and its community of education professionals.

Qwant Junior Mobile provides an online browsing experience that is secure, fun, and seamless:

  • All of the best browsers’ features (favorites, tabs…);
  • Peace of mind when your child goes online:
  • Blacklisted websites don’t appear in search results and can’t be reached by typing in the address. What’s more, Qwant Junior Mobile imposes its safe mode on large online video platforms
  • Play learning games, such as “Les Incollables”, use the reverse search engine, or just have a good time!

Qwant is made in France and is the best search engine that also respects your private life. Unlike other search engines, we aren’t just satisfied with giving you the most relevant results; we also guarantee that your private life will be respected.

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