What is the Qwant Junior mobile application?

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Qwant Junior Mobile is Qwant Junior’s application for iOS and Android. It features:

  • Secure navigation, with Qwant Junior as the suggested default search engine;
  • Website blocks for sites that aren’t appropriate for a young audience (featuring violence, pornography, drug consumption, hate speech…);
  • A speedy browser that respects your private life, doesn’t collect any personal data, and protects against targeted marketing;

When using the Qwant Junior app, your child is better protected online: you can rest assured that their searches will yield age-appropriate content and that they will not have access to any inappropriate websites that Qwant Junior detects.

How does filtering out forbidden websites work?

Qwant Junior filters out content that has been previously identified as being linked to four categories deemed inappropriate for children: pornography, violence, drug consumption, and hate speech.

In order to ensure that children do not access this content by putting it directly in the address bar, Qwant first compares each URL they visit with the ones on its database of inappropriate websites by interrogating its servers. If the URL is known to host inappropriate content, it will be blocked from showing up in the app. No personal data, including web history, is stored by Qwant Junior.

Furthermore, search engines that are not specifically designed to secure children are also preventatively blocked because they are liable to provide easy access to inappropriate content. Users of Qwant Junior mobile are thus unable to use the standard version of Qwant as well as other search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, or even DuckDuckGo.

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