How do I change and save my settings?

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On Qwant, you can define different settings (language, search type, suggestions, filtering, content displayed on the home page, etc.) by clicking on the cog-shaped icon at the top right of the screen. If you always use the same computer or cell phone, these settings are automatically kept on your device. But if you use different devices, there are two ways to save your settings:

  1. Create a Qwant account: when you log in with your Qwant account, the settings are automatically saved and restored for each session, regardless of the device you’re using;
  1. Use your personalized URL: don’t want to create an account? No problem! You’ll find a custom URL in the settings that you just have to copy and paste. It summarizes all the options you have set up. Remember this URL to access Qwant, and you will find the service as you like.

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