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Based in Europe, Qwant is a search engine that is both efficient and ethical. It relies on two fundamental pillars:

1. Respecting your privacy

You say everything about you to your search engine, when you ask it questions everyday: where you want to go, what you want to cook, the symptoms or cures for your diseases, your sexual preferences, your religion, your investments projects, your revenue level, your job, your favorite sports, the movies you want to go to… The list of intimate and commercialy relevant questions is limitless, and often those queries are stored, processed and sold, directly or indirectly.

With Qwant, we wanted to offer the first authentic search engine that respects the privacy of its users. We deliver the best possible results to your queries without ever trying to know or find out who you are ou what you have searched previously. We will never try to make your pyschological or commercial profile and sell it, not here, not anywhere else. What you search with Qwant is only part of your privacy, and we don’t want to know it. To know more about how Qwant protects your privacy, you can read our dedicated section.

2. Ensure neutrality and impartiality

Qwant indexes the whole Web with no discrimination. It applies its sorting algorithms with the same requirements, without trying to put forward some websites because it would suit some particular business, political or moral agenda. With Qwant, the information is treated equally, with a constant care for impartiality.  Moreover, because we never try to know who you are, we don’t try to offer results that would make you feel comfortable with your own opinions. Qwant presents the reality of a complex world, with diverse opinions, which make it rich and worth living.

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